caramelized onion dip & cilantro garlic pita

It’s finally here… Mad Men season 5 premiere night! As a non-TV owner, I’m taking advantage of the kindness of a nearby friend and thought I’d bring over a 60’s-inspired snack. In honor of the Chip N’ Dip wedding gift Pete Campbell exchanges for a rifle in season one, I went with onion dip.

Strangely enough, I’m pretty sure I had never made an onion dip until today. I’m usually a guacamole kind of girl. The original recipe for this comes from Epicurious, but of course I made it lower fat and higher protein by substituting reduced fat sour cream and non-fat greek yogurt (about a 3:1 ratio) and the chips are made with whole wheat pita. I also added a touch of cayenne and cumin to the dip for a bit more depth of flavor. Here’s a great video by the way, of how to dice an onion quickly and efficiently (with less crying). I love Gordon Ramsay. And, for the garlic in the pita chip oil, here’s a really cool way to peel your garlic in less than 10 seconds.

Now, not that anyone in the 60’s would have cared about health, resting their martini glass on their pregnant belly, Lucky Strike in hand, but I think my healthier version of onion dip could have rivaled that of any housewife! Betty Draper would be proud.


Note: if you live in a studio, as I do, everything you own will smell like onions for a week after making this.