kitchenette foodie has a new kitchenette

It’s true: I let the whole month of April go by, and most of May, without a single post! I blame it on grad school finals and I’ll try not to let it happen again (although don’t hold me to that next December or May).

The new kitchen (photo credit: Jonill Mayer)

And unfortunately there is no food in this post, as the contents of my kitchen are currently sitting in a giant pile of brown cardboard boxes. It’s too bad too, because I have a nice bunch of kale in the fridge with nothing to sautee it in and no spices for the next few days (anyone have any good raw kale recipes? Not that I have plates or bowls available at the moment…).

But the good news is that in two days I’ll be sharing my new kitchen (and the rest of the apartment) with my favorite co-chef, biggest supporter, and most enthusiastic fan of my cooking. And I will finally have drawers that open, cupboards with working doors, a broiler that opens more than three inches, a nice deep sink, a pantry closet, built in spice racks, and counter space galore! (Oh, and no dishwasher, but I’m not complaining about the washer-dryer).


The new kitchen & washer dryer

So keep your eyes peeled for some new summer recipes once I find and unpack everything again. Our weekly CSA farm share of vegetables starts in two weeks so there will definitely be some veggie inventions coming your way!

And as for the blog title, now that I have a (still small but) real kitchen instead of a kitchenette I’m not sure what to do, but suggestions are welcome…