fun with a food processor

Almond butter

I may have raved before about my favorite Christmas present of all time (ok, tied now with the hand blender Chris got me this year): a Cuisinart food processor from my mom. I hadn’t used it in a while and I was inspired this morning when my friend Christy – RD/nutritionist/personal trainer/yoga instructor extraordinaire – tweeted a photo of her homemade organic cashew butter. I realized I’d never made nut butter in my food processor and it’s so easy to do – just pick a kind of nut, throw it in there, and pulse until you get a paste!




Edamame hummus



I made some almond butter and ate it on a sliced green apple – one of my favorite snacks – and then got to work on my next project: edamame hummus. I’ve made hummus before but wanted to try something different. This has almost identical ingredients to any hummus recipe, but it uses edamame instead of chick peas. The result was green deliciousness, to be enjoyed with peppers, pita bread, and various other sliced veggies throughout the coming week. Recipe here. Enjoy!