Vegan Week, Day 2

Day 2: Breakfast

Vegan french toast with peaches, bananas, and maple syrup

While I usually don’t cook a big breakfast except on weekends for brunch, you can’t have yogurt every day if you’re trying to experiment with new foods. I found several recipes for vegan french toast, but since I now have almond milk around, I decided to go with soaking whole wheat sourdough bread (same as the bread from yesterday’s portobello mushroom sandwich) in a simple mixture of almond milk, cinnamon, and nutmeg for about 15 minutes. I cooked it with a light spritz of canola oil, and topped it with peaches, bananas, and organic maple syrup. The nutty flavor of the almond milk works well with french toast, but you might need more oil than expected – I burned my pan a little! Almond milk does not react the same way as eggs in a pan, that’s for sure.
Day 2: Lunch

Avocado brown rice sushi

I’ve been reading The Story of Sushi by Trevor Corson , which I’ve found is torturous for me during Vegan Week, because after every chapter I just want to run out and have a few slices of sashimi. So for lunch today, I figured vegetable sushi was about as close as I was going to get to satisfy my cravings. Luckily the little Korean market across the street from me has about every Asian food product you can imagine, so I picked up some sheets of nori, some short grain Lundberg brown rice (my favorite) and an avocado. I cooked the rice with extra water to make it stickier, like sushi rice. When the rice was cooked and chilled, I mixed it with about 1/4 cup of rice vinegar and spread it evenly across the nori. I added slices of avocado, rolled and sliced it to the best of my ability, and ate the rolls with a dash of wasabi and a dipping sauce of soy and mirin. The rolls tasted delicious (I will definitely be doing this again, with more adventurous fillings when I have time), but the rolls fell apart a little when I dipped them. I have definitely not perfected my sushi chef skills yet.
Day 2: Dinner

Black Sesame Otsu

The ultimate challenge: cooking vegan food for my meat-eating (but veggie loving) boyfriend and his equally carnivorous best friend as they alternated between watching wilderness survival shows and “extreme” elimination game shows (not kidding). I went with veggie summer rolls with peanut dipping sauce, a recipe from, and a Heidi Swanson’s Black Sesame Otsu recipe. The summer rolls were fun to make and the peanut sauce was completely addictive. The soba noodles worried me at first, as the black sesame paste looked a little unusual but the dish was super tasty and a few drops of sriracha on top added a nice touch of heat. And the reaction from the meat-loving men? They devoured it! And I quote: “I can’t decide which one I like better.” Success!

Veggie summer rolls with spicy peanut dipping sauce

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